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Reviewer: Anonymous
From: Boston, Massachusetts, United States
Date: 09/08/2008
Rider Height: 5' 9"
Rider Weight: 165
Miles/Hours: 1500 miles
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2008 Flyscooters IL Bello 150 cc

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-- Great Chinese Quality? --
I know it seems like an oxymoron but Fly Scooters has just about done it. Working closely with the factory controlling over 25 improvements they've actually created a dependable Chinese brand.
I read quite a bit before my purchase and Fly Scooters kept coming up. Great customer service, better quality than any other Chinese brands and 1/3 the cost of European scooters and 1/3 less than Taiwan.
I have been in love with the style of the IL-Bello since seeing the Honda Joker and its knock offs for years now. I decided to take a leap of faith in view of all I had read about the efforts of Fly Scooters and I'm truly impressed.
I bought it from a local dealer and he has been great also!
What you get is a classic looking scoot with a modern drive train & controls. A lot of people ask if it's restored.
What you don't get is the fit and finish of the European brands. The trunk (included) doesn't close with a muffled clunk but more of a high pitched click. The fuel filler door seems as if it would break if handled too aggressively, but it hasn't!
It is not as smooth as its competition at 60 mph but still, it is not uncomfortable. It is smooth up to 55 mph and thatís where I most often find myself without thinking. The (rare on a Chinese scooter) dual piston disk brakes up front haul it down from speed extremely well and in a controlled manner when combined with the surprisingly good rear drum.
Overall I'm impressed. I think the efforts of Fly Scooters have paid off and I'll own this for a lot longer.
Windshield from Fly Scooters installed at dealership.
Headlight visor from an H-D Sportster bought from dealer.
Synthetic oil and tranny oil changed by myself.
Formossa saddle bags purchased at dealership.

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