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Reviewer: Anonymous
From: Sunny South, Florida, United States
Date: 11/28/2015
Rider Height: 5' 11"
Rider Weight: 245
Miles/Hours: 2,000 miles
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2002 Yamaha XT225

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-- Great Commuter & Trail Bike --
I just bought my XT about a month ago. The original owner only put 500 miles on it and then tucked it away in storage for 14 years or so. Anyhow, I love this bike. I've already put about 1,500 miles on it driving it all over south Florida. I'm a 245 lb. rider and the bike still gets 60 mpg. with me hammering the throttle everywhere. However, being a 245 lb. rider, I have to hammer the throttle everywhere since it's only 225cc...I basically weigh as much as the bike itself, lol. I've taken this bike for 50 mile rides at 65 mph. However, the bike and myself seem to prefer the more comfortable cruising speed of 55 mph. In fact I did a 200-mile trip at 55 mph. and I enjoyed it except for the uncomfy seat cushion. However, you can buy a $20 Coleman ATV seat pad for it. That being said, it's not a highway/interstate cruiser bike at all, but highway/interstate cruiser bikes are not compact, light, nimble and able to traverse through mud, rocks and sand like the XT does either. The XT literally will go anywhere (and more) that a mountain bike can go; it's that narrow and maneuverable. Also, there are a few carb mods that I did to it (which you can find online) that will make starting and throttle response much better: from the factory, these bikes are jetted very lean to comply with the EPA. This bike basically is for two types of people: a guy that wants to be able to take his motorcycle off-road, but also wants to be able to legally ride it to that spot using public roads. Also, the second guy is the one who wants an around town commuter bike that gets good mpg. and is very light and nimble with a low seat height.

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