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Reviewer: Jim Hohmann
From: Langhorne, Pennsylvania, United States
Date: 06/26/2002
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2000 Triumph Sprint RS

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-- RS --
In 12/01, at age 49, realizing after 35 years of wanting a Triumph that my ability to do so and ride one was rapidly fading, I bought a yellow 2000 RS at a good discount. My first motorcycle, any problems I have had are my limitations, not the bike's. It looks great, runs well, and is waiting patiently for me to gain the skills to allow it freedom. I will never sell this motorcycle. I hope to own more in my dwindling future, a Tiger, maybe a Speed Triple, a Ducati or Moto Guzzi also. Right now, this bike is perfect. It does all I want it to do and tells me more is out there. Enough of the poetry. All Sprint RS owners should get a hold of the August 2002 Motorcyclist. The Sprint RS.S is coming. It is a beautiful motorcycle designed by Triumph's Italian connection. It seems to be creeping in on the area left wanting by those who want the best Of the Daytona, RS, and Speed Triple. John Bloor and company are doing a fabulous job of responding to those who love the British motorcycle industry, without which none of us would have any idea of what a motorcycle should look like and be. If there are any faults with the new Triumphs it is the same problem that Rip Van Winkle had. He slept awhile, but he woke up, and he caught up. Peace to all, ride safely. JIm

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