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2015 Husqvarna Off-Road Line First Look

Husqvarna announces its 2015 line-up of motocross, enduro and dual-sport motorcycles for the North American market, expanding its range from 10 to 14 available models over the previous year. New models to the market include the TE 125 2-stroke and FC 350 4-stroke along with two street-legal dual-sports, the FE 350S and FE 501S.
June 30, 2014

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“Last year was a fantastic re-introduction for Husqvarna,” said Husqvarna Motorcycles Brand Manager Steve Lawler. “Premium quality and industry-leading innovation of the 2014 model line has laid the groundwork for Husqvarna’s new generation, and having a wide variety of choices is the next step in strengthening the brand.”

Husqvarna also plans to offer two up-spec versions of its FC 250 and FC 450 motocrossers as it returns to Supercross and Pro Motocross in 2015.

FE 350S & FE 501S

Street-ready dual-sport mounts were noticeably absent from Husqvarna’s 2014 offering in North America; the FE 350S and FE 501S are here to fill that gap. Both are based on the enduro iterations that will also be available in 2015, but the “S” versions are license-plate ready. The 350S has a heavier crankshaft than its endruo equivalent and the 501S features titanium intake valves and DLC-coated rocker arms. Both models are designed for improved traction to handle both street and off-road duty with aplomb, and both come equipped with the same 4CS WP fork and link-mounted DCC WP shock as the rest of the FE models available in 2015.

TE 125

The TE 125 has a high performance cylinder and power valve, with a Vertex piston designed to provide plenty of bottom-end torque and top-end power. It features a Magura hydraulic clutch and Boyesen reed valves.

All FE & TE Models

All told, there will be eight enduro models available (including both dual-sport mounts): three 2-stroke – TE 125, TE 250 and TE 300; and five 4-stroke – FE 250, FE 350, FE 501, FE 350S, FE 501S. Updates common to all models on the enduro side include a new headlight and front fender, borrowed from Husky’s motocrossers. Each gets a new CNC machined triple clamp, speedometer cover, seat cover, hand guards and graphics as well. Husqvarna also reinforced the subframe with an additional screw on the left side to optimize fit and seal with the airbox.

Special attention was paid to the quarter-liter mounts, with the FE 250 also receiving an updated gearbox with longer sixth gear and a redesigned clutch basket to reduce weight. The FE 300 also gets the refashioned DDS clutch basket. The TE 250 gets updated power valve settings to provide better power delivery. The TE 250 and TE 300 come equipped with electric starters, updated DDS clutch and a lighter 3Ah battery.

FC 350

The 2015 Husqvarna FC 350 is based on the FC 250, and features titanium valves and a CP-Carrillo forged box-type piston. The 350 also shares the 250’s CSS clutch, electric start, Brembo brakes and suspension components. The FC 350 differs from its motocross brethren in that it comes with Husqvarna’s fiberglass-reinforced polyamide composite rear subframe. The 250 and 450 iterations come with an upgraded carbon-fiber-reinforced polyamide subframe instead.

All FC & TC Models (Excluding TC 85)

All 4- and 2-stroke models in Husqvarna’s motocross range (TC 125, TC250; FC 250, FC 350 and FC 450) feature 4CS WP forks with improved damping and clicker setting adjustability. Each comes with revised linkages for improved handling and rear suspension performance, and bumps are soaked-up by a WP rear shock that comes with updated valving. As with the FE and TE models, all FC and TC Husqvarnas come with improved hand guards, seat covers and new graphics as well.

The FC 250 and 350 have a revised CSS clutch, which comes with updated springs and a one-piece machined steel clutch basket.

The TC 85 gets some love as well, featuring a new single-component swingarm which drops the overall weight of the machine and comes with updated chain guide, chain slider and brake hose bracket. The little motocrosser rolls on new Maxxis Maxx Cross SI tires.

Pricing has yet to be disclosed for the models in Husqvarna’s 2015 line-up, but we’ll update here as soon as they’re available.

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