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KTM updates XC, XC-W and EXC models for 2015

KTM has announced its 2015 model year changes for the XC, XC-W and EXC lineup.
June 19, 2014

MURRIETA, Calif. - Dealernews
Many of the changes are subtle adjustments to reduce weight, although one of the most significant updates is an ergonomic one, pairing Neken handlebars with improved hand guards and grips.

KTM announced major upgrades for several of its race-ready models earlier this month.

XC Models
For 2015, KTM’s XC line of cross-country race bikes has a long list of new features. The frame is powder-coated in KTM factory orange, and a new cross tube inside adds strength. The linkage, fork lugs, fork protectors, steering stem and wheels have all gotten minor updates. The black powdercoated wheels will have Dunlop GEOMAX AT81 tires mounted on them, and all models have a black anodized Neken tapered handlebar paired with updated hand guards and grips.

The forks are 8mm longer and have redesigned pistons with a stiffer chamber spring. There is also a new setting specifically developed for racing cross-country in the United States.

The front axle now sits back in the axle clamp an additional 2mm for increased trail. The axle’s smaller size (from 26mm to 22mm) is one of a number of small weight-savings measures that has been applied on the XC models.

While the 450 XC-F only got the additional change of a new oil pump O-ring, the 250 XC-F has a lighter clutch basket and new clutch springs. The four-stroke 350 XC-F and two-stroke 250 / 300 XC have the new clutch basket, too.

XC-W and EXC Models
In the enduro category, the XC-W and EXC models have received a bevy of updates. Some of the new features are an MAE digital speedometer, black anodized Neken handlebars, improved hand guards with new material, softer compound grips and new tires. The swingarm has been refined, too, with an updated wall thickness for weight savings and flexibility.

The XC-W and EXC lineup will now be available in the iconic KTM factory orange color scheme, as well, and the bodywork has been updated for a more minimalist style.

In the electronics department, the wiring harness and ECU are updated with lightweight connectors and fuse mounts for more weight savings. The 200, 250 and 300 XC-W models have a lighter 3Ah battery, too.

The four-stroke 250 XCF-W has a few additional changes for 2015. The oil pump suction screen has new O-rings designed for better durability, and the DDS clutch has been revised. The gearbox has shorter gear ratios in fourth and fifth and a longer overdrive sixth gear.

Like the 250 version, the DDS clutch on the 350 XCF-W and EXC-F has gotten an update, as have the O-rings in the oil pump screens. The same goes for the 400 XC-W and 500 XC-W / EXC.

In addition to the changes that were made across the KTM enduro lineup, the 200 XC-W has also received a new rear shock and a new carburetor setting for better power delivery.

Meanwhile, the 250 XC-W and 300 XC-W have updated engine settings, ignition cover, clutch gasket, shorter gearing on the electric starter and the same changes as the 200 XC-W.

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