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Yamaha updates Super Tenere, kick-starts 2015 retro roadster

This morning, Yamaha pulled the wraps off of two new models, revealing both the final 2014 model as well kickstarting (pun intended) the public’s first peek at the 2015 range.
March 11, 2014

CYPRESS, Calif. - Posted by Bruce Steever, Dealernews
The new 2014 Super Ténéré (MSRP: $15,090) was not a complete surprise, as the updated adventure-touring machine was already announced for the European and Canadian markets. In spite of this, the 2014 updates should be welcome.

Minor changes in the engine bay boost power slightly and make for a smoother-running motor, while the wide-ratio six-speed transmission and shaft drive remain unchanged. Revised electronics include standard cruise control and changes to the Drive Mode ride-by-wire mapping to better differentiate Touring and Sport modes.

A new manually adjustable windscreen promises better weather protection, while new handlebar mounts move the bars 10mm higher and 10mm closer for improved rider comfort. Heated grips are now standard, as are smaller LED turn signals and an improved multi-function gauge package.

The big change is the addition of the new Super Ténéré ES model, which adds electrically adjustable suspension, similar to the system fitted to the FJR1300ES. Using new handlebar controls, the rider can select from four preload settings and three baseline damping curves for each. Each damping preset can be further fine-tuned and saved for ideal suspension response for different loads and riding styles.

Also similar to the FJR is the Ténéré’s new instrument package, featuring a LCD dot-matrix multi-function display to control the various suspension settings, accessory functions and riding modes. The added technology and convenience of the push-button suspension add $1,100 to the price of the base machine, with the 2014 Super Ténéré ES retailing for $16,190.

Finally, for 2015, Yamaha is bringing an unusual machine to the U.S. for the first time. While custom retro-bike fans will likely recognize it, the new SR400 will be quite a system shock for buyers.

Built around a reasonably lightweight air-cooled 399cc single, the SR400 is the continuation of the classic SR line from Yamaha’s past.

Designed as both a unique lightweight street bike as well as an ideal platform for customization, the SR400 is the ultimate bare-bones machine. For one thing, although the SR400 fits up-to-date fuel injection, the machine is only available as a kick-start model. There’s no starter motor, not even as an accessory, but the SR does include a compression release lever to ease starting.

The rest of the machine is pure classic, with a steel double-cradle frame connecting a pair of relatively simple suspension systems. Tires are tall and narrow, running on spoked 18-inch rims from and back. A single disc front brake and drum rear provide deceleration, while the 384 lb. wet weight (claimed) and 55.5-inch wheelbase should provide decent handling characteristics.

Of course, style is the name of the game here, and even the handlebar controls and instruments look perfectly period-correct, featuring retro-style switches and mechanical dial odometers. Pricing for the SR400 is set at $5,990.

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