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Biker's Choice 2009
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It's simply known as the 'V'.
  • It is 50% sportbike, 50% V-Twin and 100% passion. The heart of this new bike is a purpose-designed rubber-mounted “featherbed” style frame. The ‘V’ is a feature-laden streetfighter with the muscle and simplicity of a V-Twin powertrain. It’s powered by a RevTech® 110" engine and RevTech® 6-speed overdrive transmission. This amazing creation came from world-renowned motorcycle designer/builder John Reed.
Custom Chrome V-Bike Bike Kit
  • Santee custom featherbed, rubber-mounted frame
  • Paioli adjustable inverted forks
  • Custom carbon fiber front and rear fenders
  • 4 gallon ‘Regency’ one-piece stretched gas tank
  • Santee ‘Super Bar’ handlebars
  • Chrome smooth-contour handlebar controls
  • One-piece color coded wiring harness
  • Gel-coat headlight fairing
  • 17" Marchesini forged alloy wheels
  • Avon 'Azaro' Tires: 120/70Rx17" front and 170/60Rx17" rear
  • Brembo brake calipers - dual front and single rear
  • Brembo 13" floating brake rotors
  • Progressive Suspension adjustable shocks
  • “A truly different kind of bike” (American Rider)
  • “It is also one of the most well-developed V-twins and has proven to be reliable” (American Rider)
  • “…certainly the basis for a great sport bike” (American Rider)
  • “…the crossover bike the industry has always wished for” (Cycle News)
  • Custom Chrome ‘V’ takes top V-Twin speed at Texas Mile topping out at 158 mph
NOTE: Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS) require certain components and systems to be installed on each vehicle. Picture shown contains other components available from our Custom Chrome catalog.

NOTE: For your convenience we have pre-assembled many of the major components: engine, transmission, carburetor, master cylinder, forks and wheels. Final assembly and testing of the complete motorcycle should only be done by a qualified mechanic. Parts are subject to change without notice.

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