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Welcome to the PowerSports Network Buyers Club. The most effective way to save big money on brand name power sports products and accessories. Just read below to find out how to begin saving on every one of your power sports accessory purchases.

What is the PowerSports Network Buyers Club?

The Buyers Club is a place to review all of the special savings opportunities being offered by our entire network of dealers without having to visit each site individually. The Buyers Club also identifies the coupon codes necessary to access these savings and directs you to the dealer's sites to make purchases. Get access to the best deals in the network for FREE.

How does the PowerSports Network Buyers Club work?

The Buyers Club page lists all PSN dealer coupons that are currently in effect. Each row in the table is for a single coupon from a PSN dealer. The dropdown on the left of the table lists the catalogs that a given coupon applies to. The list may contain one or many catalogs. These catalogs are either OEM accessory catalogs or dealer closeout catalogs (which usually contain huge discounts).

To use the club please follow these steps:

  • First you must sign in by clicking "SIGN IN" on the left of the screen. Once you have signed in all the Buyers Club coupon codes will be listed on the right side of the coupon table. You will need these codes to access the incredible savings offered by our network dealers.
    • Each time you return to use the Buyers Club you must sign in using your e-mail address to access the coupon codes.
  • Review the coupon discounts (each table row) and the catalogs they apply to (the dropdown menus on the left side of the table).
    • To reduce the number of coupons displayed select a specific catalog or manufacturer from the dropdown menus on the top of the page.
    • To sort the coupons click on any of the underlined column headers.
  • To view a short description of a coupon, move your cursor over the coupon code and the description will be displayed at the bottom of your screen in the URL area of your browser.
  • Once you have found a coupon that applies to accessories you wish to purchase write down the coupon code. You will need this coupon code when you checkout.
  • Click on the coupon code to go to the dealers online store or select a catalog from the dropdown menu and click the "GO" button to jump directly to that catalog on the dealer's site.
  • Browse the dealer's site, select your items for purchase and enter the coupon code at checkout.
  • Never pay retail again. Save on every purchase. Use the club as often as you like.

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